Agustina Woodgate 

Sept 12, 2019, South Florida Cultural Consortium (SFCC), MOCA, Miami, FL
May 11 - Sept 22, 2019, Whitney Biennial, NY
Sep 2018, @ Istanbul Design Biennial
Nov 2018, : AUTOPILOTO @ New Terrains, Silicon Valley, CA

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Spinello Projects, US
Barro Galeria, Buenos Aires


The word cosmetics derives from the Greek, κοσμητικός (kosmētikos), "skilled in ordering or arranging" and that from κόσμος (kosmos), meaning "order" and "ornament," referring also to the organization of the cosmos--its planetary and terrestrial formations Woodgate has hand sanded more than 300 maps, eroding territorial marks an collecting and separating the dust by color in the process. The dust is compose of ink particles, historic and economic data, names of territories, and othe references of land and water distribution. The dust emerges thick and dense in from eroded paper pulp. The colors are pale, as paper maps are old. Sanding maps becomes the excuse for creating dust.
A powder press machine compresses every last bit of this dust into cosmeti compacts. The dust appears as make-up, cover-up, an unusable palate to concea an imperfect terrain, to perpetuate an illusion of smooth and clearly define features. The powders are embedded and embossed in stone plaques, residu from Alliance Monument, a headstone company. 10 headstones are installed lik a cosmetic display. The terrain of a face is a  landscape condition, an imitation erosion, a planetary complexion, just as today’s landscape is a visage--accented, depleted, reformed--an augmented corpse.

Urban Decay Foundation,  2017
White marble, map dust,
cosmetic metal pan, 42” x 13”

Cosmética — Spinello Projects, Dec 2017